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Icons of the Realms: Boneyard - Green Dracolich

Icons of the Realms: Boneyard - Green Dracolich


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Bring the formidable "Icons of the Realms: Boneyard - Green Dracolich" to your Dungeons & Dragons tabletop with this meticulously crafted figure presented by Boarding School Games. This miniature captures the eerie essence of a legendary undead creature, featuring torn wings and a skeletal visage that highlights its grotesque, hulking form. Ideal for challenging your players and enriching your narrative, this Green Dracolich appears as though it's been lifted straight from the pages of D&D lore, ready to stalk and ambush its next victim.

As part of the WizKids Icons of the Realms series, this pre-painted miniature seamlessly integrates with your existing collection, adding depth and terror to your fantasy battles. The Green Dracolich is not just a figure; it's a narrative tool designed to elevate the tension and excitement of your game sessions, making each encounter more memorable. Available at Boarding School Games, this miniature is a must-have for DMs looking to enhance their D&D games and miniature collections with high-quality, detailed figures.

- Pre-painted Green Dracolich miniature for D&D
- Detailed design with torn wings and skeletal features
- Enhances tabletop gameplay and narrative immersion
- Part of the WizKids Icons of the Realms series

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