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High Frontier 4 All - Upgrade Kit

High Frontier 4 All - Upgrade Kit


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NOTE: This is not a complete game, you will need a copy of High Frontier 2nd edition (including the Colonization expansion) or a copy of High Frontier 3rd edition in order to be able to use this. Components in English only.
NOTE: Does not include the components for Space Diamond.
NOTE: Does not include Module 0.

Components included in HIGH FRONTIER 3 TO 4 ALL UPGRADE KIT
5 Rules booklets (210 x 297 mm)
Read Me first (8 pages)
Space Diamonds (12 pages)
Race for Glory - Basic Scenarios including Race to Mars step by step guide (40 pages)
Core Rules
Appendix (Reference, variants etc) (32 pages)
40 red plastic discs for Busted Sites & Glitches (19mm)
5 playmats / Placards with Fuel Strip (210 x 297 mm)
Punchout board 2 sheets (300x300 mm)
98 Discovery Chits, hex shaped (18mm) (Space Diamonds VARIANT)
10 Outpost markers Rhombus (25x15mm) (in 5 player colors)
5 Dry Rocket Mass Chits (in the five different player colors) (Oval, 12 mm)
15 Wet Rocket Mass Chits (5 double sided black-blue, and 5 double sided blue-gold) (Oval, 12 mm)
10 Glory chits (Round 19mm)
2 Player Aids (630 x 297 mm folded twice to 210 x 297 mm)

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