Godtear - Skullbreaker, The Dragon Slayer

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Godtear - Skullbreaker, The Dragon Slayer

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Slayer Skullbreaker is both a Godtear champion and a champion hunter, able to sniff out blood and weakness before finishing prey with his intimidating dragon jaw blade. This expansion comes with everything you need to add this bloodthirsty champion and his followers to your Godtear warband, including 6 highly detailed miniatures and 3 profile cards.1x Skullbreaker, 4x Tooth Bearers, 1x Skullbreaker`s banner, 3x profile cards - Coloured according to champion class (red for Slayer) - Highly detailed miniatures No assembly needed - Created for the Godtear miniature skirmish board game - Designed for use with any Godtear starter set

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