G.I. JOE: Mission Critical - Chaos Break


Renegade Game Studios - RGS 02529

G.I. JOE: Mission Critical - Chaos Break

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Chaos has arrived! The Dreadnoks, led by Cobra agent Zartan, are an outlaw biker gang devoted to spreading anarchy and panic before quietly slipping away. Zartan’s lieutenants, Zarana and Road Pig, are masters at sowing destruction - they will be formidable foes to bring to justice! Thankfully, G.I. Joe has called in reinforcements! The elite ranger Beach Head and the expert paratrooper Ripcord have been deployed to stop Zartan before he leaves the world in ruins. This is an expansion. G.I JOE Mission Critical is required to play. Features: Play as new Heroes –Beach Head and Ripcord! Introduces a new boss –Zartan! 2 new lieutenants –Zarana & Road Pig. 2 new vehicles!

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