G.I. Joe: Deckbuilding Game - Raise the Flagg


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G.I. Joe: Deckbuilding Game - Raise the Flagg

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All hands on deck and set sail aboard the U.S.S. Flagg! With Admiral Keel-Haul and Shipwreck at the helm, the G.I. Joe team is ready to take to the seas and keep the world safe. However, the forces of Cobra aren’t going to let the Joes have a day in the sun.

Raise the Flagg introduces a brand-new campaign mode to the G.I. Joe Deck-Building Game. Over several episodes, the stakes will be raised as your decisions, successes, and failures will compound to create your own narrative for the G.I. Joe team. Keep track of your progress in the campaign log and carefully choose how to equip the U.S.S Flagg as you confront Cobra Commander and his lackeys!

This is an expansion. G.I Joe Deck-Building Game is required to play.

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