Final Girl: Series 2 - Once Upon A Full Moon


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Final Girl: Series 2 - Once Upon A Full Moon

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Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house you go. Never mind the growling, it must be your imagination, just keep skipping and singing. You stop in your tracks as a big, bad wolf leaps onto the path in front of you. Its eyes glow red and drool drips from its fangs as it stands on the path between you and your destination... Grandma will have to wait. Not every story ends happily ever after. This isn’t the Big Bad Wolf you imagined as a child. Featuring “hunt” and “slay” modes, the killer will take different actions depending on what mode it is in, making for yet another unique challenge for you to tackle! Storybook Woods features a unique layout with a river running through the land. Requires Core Box (VRG FG000) to play.

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