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Exit: The Magical Academy

Exit: The Magical Academy

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"Exit: The Magical Academy" is a game where your mastery of spells, elixirs, and magical powers is put to the ultimate test. Just as you thought your studies at the academy couldn’t get any more exciting, a gang of polterbolds – small, pointy-toothed creatures from the netherworld – descends upon your school, unleashing chaos. With the academy's very survival at stake, it's up to you to stop these mischievous creatures before they literally tear your school apart. Embark on a thrilling adventure filled with puzzles and riddles, and prove that you have what it takes to be a true magical hero.

Available now at Boarding School Games, "Exit: The Magical Academy" promises an enchanting and challenging escape room experience right at your tabletop.

Key features:
- Immersive storyline involving a magical academy under siege
- Challenging puzzles and riddles to solve
- Engaging gameplay for 1-4 players
- Perfect for fans of escape room and adventure games

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