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Eclipse: Second Dawn For The Galaxy

Eclipse: Second Dawn For The Galaxy


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"Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy" is a highly engaging and strategic board game that propels you into the role of a leader controlling a vast interstellar civilization. This 2020 release updates and enhances the beloved 2011 version, incorporating new components and the best elements from former expansions into this comprehensive edition. Players can command either a human or alien species, exploring new star systems, researching groundbreaking technologies, and constructing formidable spaceships to wage war across the galaxy.

As a quintessential "4X" game (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate), "Eclipse" challenges players to manage their resources wisely, engage in diplomatic or combative interactions with other civilizations, and navigate threats from ancient guardians of the galaxy. Over eight rounds, players choose their actions carefully to align with their species' strengths and strategic objectives, striving to emerge victorious in ushering in the second dawn of the galaxy.

This new edition of "Eclipse" is ideal for players who appreciate deep strategic planning and dynamic gameplay. Available now at Boarding School Games, this game is a must-have for anyone looking to test their tactical acumen against friends and family in an epic battle for galactic dominance.

Key Features:
- Rich strategic gameplay in the 4X tradition for deep and engaging play sessions.
- Updated components and revised content for the best gameplay experience, incorporating elements from previous expansions.
- Diverse paths to victory requiring careful planning and resource management.
- Includes 108 player ship miniatures, various other game pieces, and extensive game tiles and cards for comprehensive setup options.
- Suitable for 1-6 players, offering both solo and group play opportunities.

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