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Botany - Tantalizing Trees

Botany - Tantalizing Trees


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"Botany: Tantalizing Trees" expands the lush, verdant world of the original Botany board game, inviting players to cultivate and curate their very own dream arboretum. This expansion brings an exhilarating new layer of depth and strategy to the game, perfect for those who have a passion for trees and botanical brilliance.

With 50 new specimen cards, players can explore a wider variety of trees, each with unique characteristics and needs. This expansion not only enriches your garden's diversity but also intensifies the competition as you and your fellow botanists vie for the most coveted specimens.

Additionally, "Botany: Tantalizing Trees" introduces 3 new character cards, each offering distinct advantages that can be leveraged to outsmart competitors. The 5 new garden feature cards and 30 event cards inject unexpected twists and turns into gameplay, ensuring no two games are ever the same. The 20 expedition cards encourage players to venture beyond their comfort zones, seeking out rare trees and unique botanical opportunities.

Available at Boarding School Games, this expansion requires the base game of Botany to play but revitalizes it with fresh content and strategic possibilities. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a budding botanist, "Botany: Tantalizing Trees" promises to deepen your appreciation for the arboreal world and sharpen your competitive edge.

Key Features:
- Adds 50 unique tree specimen cards to diversify and expand your arboretum
- Introduces 3 new character cards, enhancing strategic depth and player interaction
- Includes 5 garden feature cards and 30 event cards for dynamic gameplay
- Features 20 expedition cards that challenge players to seek out rare and valuable trees
- Perfect for players looking to enrich their Botany gameplay experience with additional layers of strategy and competition

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