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Botany - Perilous Perfumes

Botany - Perilous Perfumes


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"Botany: Perilous Perfumes" introduces a dangerously enticing twist to the Botany base game, enveloping players in a world of exotic and hazardous plants. This expansion dives into the darker side of botany, featuring plants that are not only beautiful but also boast poisonous, carnivorous, and parasitic qualities. It’s a thrilling addition for players looking to inject a bit of mischief and sabotage into their botanical endeavors.

With 50 new specimen cards, "Perilous Perfumes" expands your plant collection with species that have evolved fascinating and sometimes deadly survival mechanisms. These cards not only increase the botanical diversity in your garden but also introduce new strategies for player interaction and competition.

Additionally, the expansion includes 5 garden feature cards that can alter the landscape of your arboretum, offering new tactical opportunities and challenges. The 3 new character cards provide unique abilities that can be used to advantageously navigate the perilous new world of these exotic plants. Meanwhile, 20 expedition cards encourage exploratory gameplay, sending players on daring quests to acquire these rare and dangerous specimens. Lastly, 30 event cards ensure that each game is filled with surprises and dynamic shifts in the gameplay.

Available at Boarding School Games, "Botany: Perilous Perfumes" requires the base game to play and is perfect for those who enjoy a more competitive, interactive gardening experience. This expansion not only deepens the strategic gameplay but also brings a whole new aesthetic and thematic layer to the game, appealing to both seasoned botanists and newcomers alike.

Key Features:
- Includes 50 unique and dangerous plant specimen cards to collect and cultivate
- Features 5 garden feature cards and 3 new character cards for enhanced gameplay
- 20 expedition cards add adventure and challenge in the quest for rare plants
- 30 event cards introduce unexpected twists and enrich player interactions
- Ideal for players who enjoy strategy, competition, and a touch of sabotage in their game sessions

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