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Bolt Action - Italian Paratroops: WWII Italian Airborne

Bolt Action - Italian Paratroops: WWII Italian Airborne


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“I wish to say that in all my life I have never encountered soldiers like those of the Folgore”, stated British General Hughes. The Italian paratroopers of the Folgore and Nembo divisions were extremely tough opponents executing aggressive tactics with great initiative whether faced in North Africa, Italy or on the Russian Front.

Italian Paratroops contains:

Command: 2 Officers with Beretta SMG, 1 NCO with Beretta SMG and 1 Radio Operator with rifle
10-man squad: 4 with Beretta SMGs, 2 with carbines or rifles and two 2-man Breda LMG teams
2-man Sniper team
45mm Brixia mortar and 4 crew
2-man Flamethrower team

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