Blood Red Skies - Satoru Anabuki

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Blood Red Skies - Satoru Anabuki

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Satoru Anabuki was born in Kagawa Prefecture and graduated from the Tokyo Army Aviation School in April 1941. He served with the 50th Sentai (squadron) in the conquest of the Philippines, claiming his first three victories. In 1942 Satoru’s squadron was re-equipped with Ki-43 Hayabusa (Oscar) fighters in Japan and moved to Burma. In 1944 he was assigned as a flight instructor in defence of the Home Islands, but later returned to combat in the Philippines flying the new Ki-84 Hayate, claiming four F6F Hellcats. His final victory was against a B-29 Superfortress flying over Honshu. Anabuki survived the war with perhaps as many as 53 victories, although many these claims are disputed.

Box contains one Warlord resin Ki-43 'Oscar' plane and game aids.

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