Blood Red Skies - Joichi Tomonaga

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Blood Red Skies - Joichi Tomonaga

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Tomonaga was born in Nagan prefecture in 1911 and fought in the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1937. He was assigned to the carrier Hiryu at the outbreak of WW2 and led a squadron of B5N torpedo bombers during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Tomonaga went on to fight at Wake Island and Ceylon before joining the invasion force for Midway in 1942. At Midway, Tomonaga led the Kido Butai’s air group against the island itself, reporting back that a second strike would be needed. When disaster overtook the IJN carriers at Midway, Tomonaga volunteered to pilot a damaged plane in a last, desperate strike against the Americans.

Box contains one Warlord resin B5N 'Kate' plane and game aids.

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