Blood Red Skies - David McCampbell

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Blood Red Skies - David McCampbell

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David McCampbell was the United States Navy's highest scoring pilot, and the all-time F6F Hellcat Ace with 34 aerial victories. McCampbell joined the US Navy before the war and served as a landing signal officer. He survived the sinking of USS Wasp near Guadalcanal in September 1942 and returned to the United States as an instructor until August 1943. McCampbell formed fighter squadron 15 (VF-15) in September 1943 and soon became commander of the USS Essex carrier air group (AG-15). In his combat flying career, McCampbell achieved several incredible feats including achieving Ace-in-a-day on three occasions - including twice in a single day! On that occasion during the Battle of Leyte Gulf on 24th October 1944 he shot down nine enemy fighters (seven Zeros, two Oscars) in a single engagement.

Box contains one Warlord resin F6F Hellcat plane and game aids.

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