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BattleTech - Shattered Fortress

BattleTech - Shattered Fortress


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**BattleTech: Shattered Fortress** is a compelling expansion to the BattleTech universe, taking players through the dramatic twilight of the Dark Age. As the Republic of the Sphere fractures under the weight of political and military turmoil, this volume chronicles the cascading events that bring the once-mighty nation to its knees. Players are offered a detailed, year-by-year examination of the critical turning points that shape the Inner Sphere during this tumultuous time.

This essential sourcebook not only delves into the strife and upheaval within the Republic but also pulls back the curtain on the secretive operations of Fortress Republic. Readers will gain insights into the inner workings and strategic decisions that could forever alter the course of the Inner Sphere. As nations reel and predators circle the weakened Republic, the stage is set for pivotal battles and ruthless power plays.

**Shattered Fortress** provides both players and game masters with a wealth of information that enriches the gaming experience, serving as a bridge to future conflicts and narratives within the BattleTech lore. This volume is a treasure trove for anyone involved in the BattleTech role-playing game, offering context, backstory, and a rich framework for campaigns set during one of the most critical epochs in BattleTech history.

Discover the events that could decide the fate of the Inner Sphere with **BattleTech: Shattered Fortress**. This gripping expansion is a must-have for followers of the BattleTech series, available now at Boarding School Games. Dive deep into the lore, strategize over the ruins of empires, and witness the making of history in the BattleTech universe!

Key features include:
- Detailed chronological narrative of the Dark Age's twilight years
- Insider looks into the operations and strategies of Fortress Republic
- Comprehensive guide to the political and military landscape of the Inner Sphere
- Essential resource for enriching BattleTech campaigns and gameplay
- A vital bridge to upcoming narratives and expansions in the BattleTech lore

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