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Bang! - Armed & Dangerous

Bang! - Armed & Dangerous

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**Bang! Armed & Dangerous Expansion: Lock, Load, and Level Up Your Game**

Bang! Armed & Dangerous expansion introduces eight skilled Gunslingers to the classic showdown of Bang!, each equipped with their own brand of justice and unique play styles. This expansion goes beyond adding new characters; it revolutionizes gameplay with the introduction of Deadly Weapons, Powerful Gear, and, most notably, the Dangerous cards. These new elements bring a fresh layer of strategy and unpredictability to each duel, ensuring no two games are ever the same.

Presented by Boarding School Games, Armed & Dangerous requires the Bang! base game to play and is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing game set. Whether you're a seasoned Bang! player or new to the game, this expansion offers exciting new content that will challenge your tactical skills and decision-making.

Embrace the new dynamics and elevate your Bang! experience with Armed & Dangerous. With new weapons at your disposal and powerful gear to equip, each duel becomes a thrilling encounter of wits and bravery. The Dangerous cards introduce a game-changing element that can turn the tide of battle in an instant, making each play an exciting gamble.

- **Eight New Gunslingers**: Diversify your game with unique characters.
- **Innovative Dangerous Cards**: Introduce new strategies and challenges.
- **Expanded Arsenal**: Deadly weapons and powerful gear enhance gameplay.
- **Requires Bang! Base Game**: Perfectly complements your existing set.

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