Shadows of Brimstone - Black Fang Tribe

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Shadows of Brimstone - Black Fang Tribe

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Tribal drums echo through the desert canyons and dark clouds fill the night sky as eldritch green lightning crackles in the air. A storm is coming, of rage, and death, and ancestral fury! Crazed by the power of the Dark Stone they consume, the Black Fang Tribe descend from the hills to massacre those they deem weak. In the name of the dark and vengeful elder spirits they worship, these outcast braves raid and pillage the frontier towns and Indian villages throughout the cursed lands near Brimstone. Through blood and fear, they feed their addiction to the black rock, collecting bones as trophies for their dark gods! This Mission Pack Expansion introduces a new Enemy Type - the Black Fang Tribe! It contains a set of 6 Black Fang Tribal Warriors as well as a new Objective Room Map Tile, over 40 new cards themed for these Dark Stone-crazed tribal Enemies, and 4 new Missions.

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