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Spirit Island - Jagged Earth

Spirit Island - Jagged Earth


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"Spirit Island: Jagged Earth" expands the intense cooperative board game "Spirit Island," bringing unprecedented challenges and dynamics to the defense of your mystical island. Available at Boarding School Games, this expansion introduces a plethora of new content to elevate the gameplay experience. Players must now tap into the raw energy of eight new Spirits, confront two formidable new Adversaries, and explore innovative strategies with optional Aspects for core game Spirits. With the addition of Badlands tokens and Element tokens, your battles against the invaders will reach new heights. Prepare for an enriched narrative and strategic depth with over 50 new Power Cards, 30+ Event Cards, and more, ensuring that the fight to preserve Spirit Island remains as thrilling and unpredictable as ever.

- Adds 8 new Spirits and 2 new Adversaries
- Introduces Badlands and Element tokens for enhanced gameplay
- Includes 50+ Major and Minor Power Cards, 30+ Event Cards
- Expands the game for up to 6 players with new Island boards and tokens
- Available at Boarding School Games

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