Star Wars: X-Wing 2nd Edition - Punishing One

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Star Wars: X-Wing 2nd Edition - Punishing One

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The JumpMaster 5000 is the chosen vessel of Dengar, a vengeful bounty hunter feared across the galaxy. With a nimble turret and potent engines that give it an unpredictable flight pattern, Dengar's Punishing One can keep pace with even the most desperate fugitives. Within the Punishing One Expansion Pack, you’ll find everything you need to add one JumpMaster 5000 to your Scum and Villainy squadrons. Reprints of three pilots join Dengar in the pursuit of profit while twelve reprinted upgrade cards give new players plenty of options for putting a personal touch on their ships. Finally, two Quick Build cards offer useful combinations of pilots and upgrades to maximize your JumpMaster 5000’s effectiveness. Within this expansion, you'll find: 4 Ship Cards:
1 Dengar
1 Manaroo
1 Tel Trevura
1 Contracted Scout
12 Upgrade Cards:
1 0-0-0
1 Adv. Proton Torpedoes
1 Contraband Cybernetics
1 Dengar
1 Informant
1 Ion Torpedoes
1 Latts Razzi
1 Lone Wolf
1 Perceptive Copilot
1 Punishing One
1 R2 Astromech
1 R5-P8
1 Condition Card:
Listening Device
2 Quick Build Cards

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