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Shadowrun: RPG - Deniable Assets Paperback

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Shadowrunner Katar Hawke knows the score on the streets. Every job is to be executed swiftly and simply - no muss, no fuss, and with as little help as possible. But when an extraction of a seemingly ordinary grad student from a Central American dig goes south in a big way, Hawke has to keep them both alive while he figures out what he`s stumbled into - and how to get out of it in one piece. But, nothing about this shadowrun is remotely ordinary. The student, Rachel Gordon, has unearthed an artifact linking the Sixth World and the long gone, magical Second World. The discovery sets off a lethal chain reaction of feuding megacorporations and cold-blooded killers who will do anything to ge their hands on her and what she knows - at any cost!

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