RPG Dice Set - Dwarven Dice: Black & Red (7)


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RPG Dice Set - Dwarven Dice: Black & Red (7)

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Each color combo of Q-Workshop dice is a tribute to one of the works of dwarves from the sagas. Q-Workshop wants your characters, like Odin, Freya, Thor and others, to have the adventures worthy of skaldic songs. All Nordic gods and heroes used the objects forged for them by dwarves. It was the dwarves' wonders that helped them accomplish the heroic deeds and let them get out of even the biggest trouble. They were their treasures and without them, it would have been much harder. These dice have the same goal: to help defeat enemies, bring successes, and then cherish the heart. These are dice for heroes - hard, beautiful and useful in every struggle and every adventure that a cruel fate led by the Game Master might bring you.

Dice are made from the best material. This set is black with red painting in complexly carved engravings.

The engraved numbers and symbols of weapons are more strongly marked and the delicate "maze" of the lines creates a background.

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