RPG Dice Set - Dwarven Dice: Beige & Burgundy (7)


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RPG Dice Set - Dwarven Dice: Beige & Burgundy (7)

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Dwarves are usually associated with undersized, bearded folk, who love gold, beer and to juggle hammers. They originally come from the Viking sagas. They were created, thanks to the will of the gods, from the tiny bones of the dead giant - Ymir, while the rest of his skeleton became the building material of the world known to us. They are brothers of the mountains and are really born of the bones of the earth itself. These dice are created in a similar way. Q-Workshop grind the best Nordic giant’s bones Q-Workshop have in stock and then melt them down to make a resource worthy of dwarves craftsmanship. Dwarves are known as the best blacksmiths and jewelers. They also deal with the magic of items. From their workshops come the greatest treasures and the best weapons in the whole known world of the North. They were the ones who forged the weapons of the gods, so these dice can’t be ordinary. They must be perfected all the time, just as the dwarves are always looking for the perfect forms that are enchanted in the metal and stone. This set must be as strong as the bearded people and beautiful in their usefulness as the most perfect product of the dwarven craft. Q-Workshop decided on an extensive engraving, where the numbers and symbols of weapons are more strongly marked and the delicate "maze" of the lines creates a background. That's how Q-Workshop got dice worthy of dvergar and their creations.

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