Monsterpocalypse - Slashers & Clicker

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Monsterpocalypse - Slashers & Clicker

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The Legion of Mutates began their power-to-the-masses campaign with ultimate frontline fighters and incredible battlefield commanders. Now, they focus speed in a way never before seen during the Monsterpocalypse: slashers imbued with the prowess of a cheetah are the fastest creatures on two legs. Their speed translates into devastating attacks that can punch massive holes in any line. And clickers combine the best qualities of human and bat perception to allow them to accurately target any prey with their heavy rifles

Slashers can reach out and attack your enemy almost anywhere on the map. They boast speeds previously rivaled only by fighter jets. When they reach their enemy, they unleash their rending blades in powerful Cleaving attacks. Meanwhile, Clickers take the concept of Heightened Senses to a mind-boggling extreme. When their attack Tags a target, it acts as a signal for the rest of the Legion of Mutates to advance on their prey.

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