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Monsterpocalypse - Hammerklak

Monsterpocalypse - Hammerklak


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Leading a force of ravenous and destructive creatures from below the soil, Hammerklak is considered a leader of a group referred to, for obvious reasons, as Subterrans. Resembling moles in aspect and methodology, yet utterly brutal and with no regard for the natural world, Hammerklak has proven to be a menace as great as Rogzor or Gorghadra. Able to tunnel with unnatural alacrity and emerging to destroy his foes, Hammerklak has a fierce temper, and few can withstand his drills during his berserk rages.

Hammerklak is a versatile monster that can be added to any Destroyers force. His powerful clamping fists have a chance of doing super-damage to his target with every attack. In the early game, he sneaks around the city, digging tunnels so his allies can bypass buildings and the enemy. When he enters hyper mode, he focuses entirely on destroying his enemies, powering up every time he destroys an opponent.

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