Middle-Earth: Strategy Battle Game - Khandish Horsemen

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Middle-Earth: Strategy Battle Game - Khandish Horsemen

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There are some Khandish warriors that prefer to fight from the back of a horse, galloping ahead of the main army as light cavalrymen. Often used to flank an enemy and pick off their scouts, these horsemen have perfected the art of selecting their targets carefully – picking off the weakest members to thin the enemy’s ranks. It is these famed tactics that have made the horsemen of Khand’s services a valuable asset, and those who wish to utilise these skilled riders will have to pay significantly for the privilege.

Each Khandish Horseman rides a thoroughbred steed and carries a bow and fearsome hand-and-a-half axe. They serve as flexible, well-rounded cavalrymen, equally able to pick off vulnerable enemies at a distance or charging into combat to put their huge axes to deadly use.

This 8-part metal kit makes two Khandish Horsemen, and comes supplied with 2x Citadel 40mm Round Bases.

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