Keyforge Vault Deck Box - Red


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Keyforge Vault Deck Box - Red

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This premium box is a true all-rounder for game nights or tournaments. The KeyForgeVault stores up to 3 (double-) sleeved KeyForge Decks and contains a hidden drawer with additional foam inlays for Keys (standard and/or metallic), Æmber, and the new Premium Chain Tracker. An innovative locking mechanism, shaped as a KeyForge Key, keeps this box safely closed.

Durable and rigid box. Compact design for 3 decks
Optimized for double-sleeved cards* Holds full decks, even if the cards are double-sleeved
Easy access for easy removal of decks
Strong magnets for a precise and secure closure
Innovative metal-plated, key-shaped lock
Compact design for 3 decks (sideloading), perfect for a tournament or a gaming night
Hidden drawer with enough space for your accessories
Foam inserts in the drawer for different levels of holding accessories
Premium outer and inner materials (Nexofyber surface + microfiber inner lining)
* Optimized for Gamegenic Sleeves. Sleeves from other brands may affect capacity/compatibility

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