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When added to your order, this product signals to us that we are to hold your order rather than ship immediately.  Perhaps you'll be out of town, or wish to add more items later to secure a better total shipping price.  Simply "purchase" Hold My Shipment.

This product is in replacement of the former Hold My Shipment option that appeared previously on the shipping page, and functions similarly with a few small changes.  Customers now will choose a paid shipping option at checkout and prepay for the shipping of the order.  However, when released our team will calculate the shipping of the combined order and refund the excess in the form of gift card sent your email, at the time of shipment.  This simplifies the process for both our team and the customer.  

Items purchased for hold are removed from our inventory and reserved for you up to 90 days, at which point at our discretion you may asked to release the hold for shipment or forfeit the product for 15% reduced value (restocking/ storage fee) in store credit so that these products may be shipped to other customers patiently waiting.  While we offer holds as a customer courtesy the intent is to be a short term temporary hold that will allow customers to build their order to ship efficiently. Boarding School Games reserves the right to deny this service to individuals if the resulting hold would put undue strain on our storage capacity or staff or because the customer has abused the policy in the past, determined on a case by case basis.  In certain cases regarding high-demand items with short supply, we may contact you and request that you either release your hold within 7 days or opt to receive your item in a later wave of shipments, so that we can skip your order temporarily and fulfill orders for other customers later in the queue for the item, that otherwise would have a long wait for the item.  

To release your held items, please email holds@boardingschoolgames.com, with pertinent information to identify your order.  At that point our team will proceed with your order and your shipping rebate will arrive to your registered email within 7 days.

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