Final Girl - Epic All-In Bundle (Kickstarter)

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Final Girl - Epic All-In Bundle (Kickstarter)

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Literally everything including all add-ons like Mystery Boxes, the Paula Promo card, and printed Series 1 Gruesome Death Books. You do not have to add anything else at this level unless you want extras of something.

Final Girl Core Box
S2 Feature Film Box - Into the Void
S2 Feature Film Box - Terror at Station 2891
S2 Feature Film Box - A Knock at the Door
S2 Feature Film Box - Once Upon a Full Moon
S2 Feature Film Box - Madness in the Dark
S2 Game Mat Set
S2 Miniatures Box
S2 Vehicle Pack
S2 Storage Box
S1 Feature Film Box - The Happy Trails Horror
S1 Feature Film Box - The Haunting of Creech Manor
S1 Feature Film Box - Slaughter in the Groves
S1 Feature Film Box - Carnage at the Carnival
S1 Feature Film Box - Frightmare on Maple Lane
S1 Game Mat Set
S1 Lore and Scenario Book
S1 Miniatures Box
S1 Storage Box
S1 Vehicle Pack
S1 Vignette Film Box - Terror From Above
S1 Mystery Box
S2 Mystery Box
S1 Gruesome Death Book set (5 books)
Paula Final Girl Promo Card

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