Dean's List Local Membership (Gift Card Option)

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Dean's List Local Membership (Gift Card Option)

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BSG Membership (valid through end of month selected)

-10% off most items at when picked up or locally delivered (enables code BSGDL22)
-100% Rebated Local Delivery ($5 in store credit returned to you when you select this option at checkout)
-Monthly Private exclusive events for VIPs only (where we break out the cool, rare and out of print games)
-Daily priority access to the Library (excluding private events / public closures) - The Library is currently open for RSVP only for visitors who RSVP by 4pm same day, however Members are able to "walk-in" visit if arriving before 8pm (come see us in the storefront if the library isn't open) We are still open until Midnight if we have players in store by this time. (Calendar events are still open to everyone and don't require RSVP, but are first come first served basis)

Memberships are on calendar month basis, so we recommend purchasing earlier in the month for the most value (IE each month's membership ends on the last day of that month, requiring a new purchase for the following month)

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