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Blood Red Skies

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During the twentieth century, mankind created a wholly new form of warfare - the air war. When the Second World War erupted it was the single seat, single engine fighter plane that proved to be decisive in battles. From 1940 until the invasion of occupied France on D-Day four years later, the war effort in Western Europe was primarily conducted in the air. Tens of thousands fought (and died) in the skies, flying ever faster and deadlier aircraft born of the bleeding edge of what engineering and desperation could achieve. Within six years, airpower was recognized as a practical tool of victory, with the course of its progress marked by wrecked planes and dead heroes. For the many courageous pilots - including Churchill`s precious Battle of Britain `Few` - who fought on high, it took skill, cunning, and luck to survive and thrive in those blood red skies. Introducing tactical-level, mass aerial combat on your tabletop, Blood Red Skies is a miniatures game where players command a formation of fighter aircraft in thrilling dogfights in the skies of wartorn Europe during World War II. The core set for Blood Red Skies includes everything players need to start playing straight out of the box, including two squadrons of six planes at 1/200th scale, plus complete rules, scenarios, templates, dice, and counters.

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