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Alien Uprising

Alien Uprising

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**Alien Uprising** is a game where the tension between humans and the alien 'bug' races, known as the Zothren, reaches a critical point. Your mission begins as you crash land on Hive IV, a notorious 'bug' planet, setting the stage for an epic struggle for survival. The game thrusts players into a dire situation where their spaceship, a Lennox-Class starship, lies in ruins, and vital parts are scattered across hostile terrain. Suddenly, Zothren scouts, archers, slashers, and monstrous brutes converge on your location—a full-scale war party, not just a scouting group!

In this cooperative board game, you and your fellow players, each controlling 3-5 crew members, must work together to fend off the relentless Zothren onslaught. Strategic thinking and team coordination are key as you set up a perimeter, salvage ship debris, and fight off the alien foes. The game intensifies with each round as you send an SOS and anxiously await rescue—will help arrive in time, or will the overwhelming forces of the Zothren claim victory?

Discover the thrill of **Alien Uprising**, where every decision can mean the difference between survival and defeat. Perfect for players who love a tense, thematic experience filled with action and strategic choices. Join the adventure and lead your crew to safety, available now at Boarding School Games!

Key features include:
- Cooperative gameplay for intense team strategy and interaction
- Dynamic game scenarios influenced by player decisions and alien responses
- Rich, thematic elements with detailed alien adversaries
- Strategic resource management and perimeter defense mechanics
- Ideal for fans of science fiction and high-stakes adventure games

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