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Alchemists - The King's Golem

Alchemists - The King's Golem


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**Alchemists: The King's Golem** is an expansion to the popular deduction game Alchemists, where you dive deeper into the mysteries of alchemy and strive to gain the king's favor. Can you unlock the secrets of animating a golem? More importantly, can you prove your progress to the king? This intriguing expansion introduces four new logic puzzles—Startup Funding, Busy Days, The Royal Encyclopedia, and The Golem Project—each offering fresh challenges with unique rewards and consequences.

In **Startup Funding**, players must secure initial capital to fund their experiments, introducing a strategic financial twist to the gameplay. **Busy Days** challenges players to manage their time effectively, adding a layer of time management to the alchemical mix. **The Royal Encyclopedia** task players with contributing to a comprehensive alchemical guide, demanding knowledge and strategic publication. Finally, **The Golem Project** is the ultimate test of alchemical prowess, where players attempt to breathe life into inanimate clay.

Engage in a deeper, more complex experience with Alchemists: The King's Golem, perfect for fans looking to expand their gameplay. Discover new strategies, manage new resources, and solve new puzzles with this essential expansion. Find this and more exciting game expansions at Boarding School Games!

Key features include:
- Four unique, new logic puzzles enhancing the strategic depth
- New gameplay mechanics involving finance and time management
- Compatible with the base game of Alchemists
- Enhances game replayability with varied scenarios
- Perfect for players looking for a challenge and deeper engagement

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