A Touch of Evil: 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

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A Touch of Evil: 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

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2018 is the 10th Anniversary of A Touch of Evil, and to celebrate we are releasing a limited Deluxe Edition of the original game! This boxed set includes plastic pieces for many of the markers, plastic terrain features for the 4 Corner Locations the Heroes explore, and in addition to the original cast of Heroes and supernatural Villains, it includes a sinister new EPIC Villain version of the Spectral Horseman, complete with a plastic Villain figure, expanded Minions, and a new deck of Horseman-themed cards to unleash upon the Heroes! With a deluxe-size, numbered collector`s box designed to hold all of your A Touch of Evil expansions, and a brand new Rulebook, collecting 10 years of gothic horror, this set will be a must have for all ATOE fans! Limited Single Print Run Only!

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