878 Vikings: Invasions of England

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878 Vikings: Invasions of England

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The year is 878. For the past 75 years, Viking raiding parties from Norway and Denmark have been terrorizing the coasts of England with `hit and run` attacks. The treasures and stories gained from these attacks have allowed the Norsemen to raise huge hosts of eager men seeking glory and riches. These armies now stand poised to thunder across England where they will settle and farm the fertile land they conquer. The divided English kingdoms are unprepared for this impending onslaught. The Vikings are coming! Bring history to life in 878 - Vikings. Thunder across England as invading Viking Berserkers and Norsemen searching for land and wealth, or gather Men-at-Arms as English royal Housecarls and noble Thegns to resist the onslaught of the Viking Hordes.

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