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5211 Azul

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5211, the fast-playing card game with a unique scoring method that rewards clever play is now releasing with a new theme, based on the award winning, hit game, Azul (PBG40020)! The cards are beautifully adorned with five color patterns from the familiar tiles in Azul’s artwork. Each player starts with a hand of five cards. Players play two cards face-down, then simultaneously reveal them. They refill their hand, then repeat this process two more times, but only with one card. The cards of the majority color pattern will score — unless too many are present, in which case the color busts and the second most color scores. In case of a tie for majority, the tied colors are also out. These rounds are repeated until the deck runs out. The player with the most points wins. 5211 Azul is a new edition that fans of both games can enjoy!

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