The Library by Boarding School Games

The Library is the dedicated play space for Boarding School Games, in the original BSG location. The Library features thousands of games and hard-to-find expansions so even if you can't find it for yourself, you can play it here. The Library hosts regular events like trivia, presented by Southern California's Brain Drain, Dungeons & Dragons 101 and ridiculous tournaments for unexpected games. You didn't even know that it was your life's goal to be a Fireball Island champion, you're welcome.



The Library is open for gaming sessions 6p - midnight, daily. 



3655 S. Durango Dr. #7 Las Vegas, NV 89147



Entrance offers unlimited gaming with thousands of games and expansions and a team that will get you started. And with two ways to enter, you get maximum flexibility. 

If you've been eyeing a new game or know you will want to purchase games from in the future, purchase a $25+ BSG gift card and receive play access for that day. Every $25 increment is an additional person and 100% of the amount is yours to spend at


If you're happy with your game collection and just want to come play games, purchase session access for $15 with discounts for frequent visitation.



What kind of games do you have?

We have it all and for every gamer. Strategic war games? No problem. Party games for you and 20 of your friends? Yep. Everything in between? Most definitely, one thousand times over.

Do you allow food and drinks?

We do not allow food of any kind but drinks can come in as long as they have a cap or lid.

 Do you have a private play space?

Yes, it can be reserved with $15/person entry and includes room for up to six people, complimentary RPG accessories and the ability to have food and drink.

If I'm riding solo, will I find someone to play games with?

Since every night is open play, that's the goal. We have a community board in store where you can leave your name and the kind of games you're into so others can connect with you. We also have a group on Facebook that connects gamers, The Library by BSG Community Board.



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