Shadows of Brimstone: Other Worlds - Caverns of Cynder

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Shadows of Brimstone: Other Worlds - Caverns of Cynder

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The Caverns of Cynder is a hostile Alien World, deep underground and overflowing with lakes of molten magma! Here, Dark Stone is melted into the magma itself and can be found in liquid form! This has led some industrious explorers, both human and otherwise, to set up mining equipment in an attempt to siphon it out of the rock itself. Of course, the Heroes must always beware of the foul creatures lurking in the corridors, as well as those that will rise up from molten rock itself to attack - not to mention the constant threat of eruptions and rising lava pools at your feet! An expansion for Shadows of Brimstone, Caverns of Cynder offers a new Otherworld for players to explore, with a set of 18 new double-sided map tiles, plus new Encounter cards, artifacts, Otherworld threats, map cards, and three Lava Men figures.

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