Voidfall - Galactic Box (Kickstarter Edition)

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Voidfall - Galactic Box (Kickstarter Edition)

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Voidfall is a space 4X game for 1-4 players with a Euro twist - it combines the tension, player interaction and deep empire customization of the 4X genre with the resource management, tight decisions and minimum luck gameplay of an economic Euro.

Voidfall offers near-infinite content combinations to discover with several asymmetric Houses, thematic scenarios and special Sector and Technology setups.

The Galactic Box is the Kickstarter version of Voidfall, it includes:

Competitive, Cooperative and Solo gameplay components
80 Detailed Fleet Miniatures
36 Corruption Miniatures
10 Harbinger Miniatures
12 Voidstorm Miniatures
18 Corrupted Corvette Miniatures
12 Painted Metal Trade Tokens
4 Painted Metal Player Order Tokens
Triple-Layered Player Boards
Modular Plastic Tray System

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