Kinghill (Kickstarter Edition)

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Kinghill (Kickstarter Edition)

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Confined in this unforgiving land lie two mighty artefacts, held by rivalling kingdoms. A bloody conflict to gain dominance is at hand, and you, general, must lead your kingdom to victory!

Kinghill is modern card-battle for 2 players, driven by worker placement. You are tasked to gain dominance over your rival using units and spells. Send your peasants out to gather resources or promote them into specialists capable of unique actions and bonuses. The enemies walls are strong however. You will need to build your empire, expand your castle and task your mages to study powerful spells. And if the war’s outcome remains undecided for too long, mighty Powers enter the game, tearing the very continent apart!

You choose your strategy to defeat your enemy!

Careful management, cunning tactics and superior strategy will determine the victor in the war over Kinghill.

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