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Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile

Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile


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"Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile" is a deeply strategic board game for one to six players, where each decision shapes the narrative and outcome of an evolving ancient land. Players can choose to support the current ruling Chancellor or conspire to dismantle the established regime, making every game a unique political drama.

The revolutionary aspect of Oath lies in its legacy-style mechanics, where the consequences of one game influence the subsequent sessions. Actions taken in one playthrough determine the resources, opportunities, and even the core victory conditions available in future games. This dynamic ensures that no two campaigns are the same, as players' choices continuously reshape the landscape and lore of the kingdom.

Venture into the rich, ever-changing tapestry of "Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile," now available at Boarding School Games. This game not only challenges your strategic and tactical acumen but also immerses you in a narrative that evolves based on your actions and decisions.

Key Features:
- Supports 1-6 players, offering a flexible and inclusive gaming experience.
- Legacy-style gameplay where each session affects future games, creating a unique story for every group.
- Players can choose multiple paths, supporting or opposing the Chancellor, which influences the kingdom's future.
- Dynamic resources and victory conditions that evolve based on players' decisions in previous games.
- Ideal for players who enjoy complex strategy games with a rich narrative and evolving gameplay mechanics.

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