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Ark Nova

Ark Nova


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Ark Nova is a game where your strategic planning and conservation efforts come to life as you design and manage a modern zoo. Aim to establish the most prestigious zoological park, where enclosures are not just homes for animals but a testament to your commitment to wildlife conservation. In Ark Nova, the essence of gameplay lies within its diverse deck of 255 cards, each depicting a different animal, specialist, unique enclosure, or conservation project, each card integral to boosting your zoo's appeal and scientific contributions. As you navigate through the challenges of zoo management, these cards serve as your tools for success, enabling you to earn crucial conservation points and edge out your competitors.

Engage with specialists and leverage unique buildings to your advantage, all while keeping the welfare of your animals and the goal of conservation at the forefront. Whether you're introducing a rare species to your zoo, embarking on a global conservation mission, or consulting with experts to enhance your zoo's operations, every decision in Ark Nova carries the weight of environmental stewardship and strategic foresight.

Discover the thrill of zoo management with Ark Nova, available at Boarding School Games, where your aspirations of running a top-tier zoological park can become a reality.

Key features include:
- A rich collection of 255 cards featuring animals, specialists, and more.
- Strategic gameplay focused on zoo design, animal welfare, and conservation.
- The dynamic interplay of unique buildings and specialist cards to enhance your zoo.
- A competitive edge with the integration of conservation projects worldwide.
- An engaging experience for players passionate about wildlife and conservation.

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