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MicroMacro: Crime City

MicroMacro: Crime City


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"MicroMacro: Crime City" is a captivating detective game where you become the sleuth, navigating a sprawling city to solve intriguing mysteries. This game features a massive city map (75 x 110 cm / 29.5 x 43 inches) that not only depicts spatial details but also serves as a timeline, revealing the movements and actions of various characters involved in crimes throughout the city.

Included in the game are 16 distinct cases, each comprising a series of cards that guide you through the investigative process. These cards prompt you to locate specific people or events on the map, trace the paths of suspects, and uncover critical information related to each crime. The gameplay offers flexibility in approach: you can methodically work through each card or challenge yourself by starting with just the first card and attempting to deduce the entire sequence of events independently.

"MicroMacro: Crime City" is now available at Boarding School Games, offering a unique blend of observation, deduction, and storytelling. Whether you're meticulously analyzing each detail or making intuitive leaps, this game tests your detective skills in an engaging and immersive urban setting.

Key Features:
- Features a large, detailed map that acts as both a spatial and temporal guide to solving crimes.
- Includes 16 compelling cases with varying levels of complexity and intrigue.
- Flexible gameplay allows for guided discovery or more challenging, self-directed investigations.
- Engages players in critical thinking and detail-oriented observation.
- Suitable for players who enjoy puzzles, storytelling, and detective work, providing hours of engaging gameplay.

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